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BETASEAL Ezi-Gun  is the NEW high-performance adhesive system from Laddaw® in partnership with Dow Automotive Systems. It gives you faster safe drive-away times, even more happy customers and less waiting around – productivity benefits that are great for your business.

  • Meets all relevant OEM specifications – so your reputation for quality is assured.
  • Faster safe drive-away times (SDAT) – bringing added safety for your customers and greater productivity for your business.
  • Apply it in warm or freezing conditions – you won’t be slowed down working in winter temperatures down to -5°C.
  • Use it with any high-ratio manual gun – easier for you to extrude for a superbly uniform application.
  • Excellent decking and non-sag qualities – now you’ll make light work out of every fitting job.
  • Hi-modulus / non-conductive – ideal for maintaining the vehicle’s driving safety and electronic equipment functionality.
  • Available in 400ml sausages – ideal for larger screen sizes: it reduces the need to change adhesive mid-application.

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Laddaw® part number PPURUK00008A

Kit includes:
- 12 x BETASEAL Ezi-Gun® 400ml sausages
- 1 x BETAPRIME 5504 125ml primer
- Traceability labels for PAS 125
- 20 x Primer applicators
- 6 uncut collar / nozzles
- 6 pre-cut collar / nozzles

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TDS Betaseal Ezi Gun


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 TDS BP5504.doc


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TDS BP 5404 - Perspex Polycarbonate Primer

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MSDS Betaseal Ezi Gun


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MSDS Betaprime 5504 UK


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MSDS Betaprime 5404 English UK version



BETASEAL Ezi-Gun Application Instructions




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